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Drew Struzan - Classic Poster Art

I recently watched a fantastic documentary about perhaps the greatest poster artist there ever was, Drew Struzan. Believe me, you already know and love his work. It likely rests comfortably in your heart and mind without you even knowing the man who made it possible.

His poster images are so iconic and flawlessly painted that they rival Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post covers as timeless American master paintings. With digital photography and budget photoshop jobs commandeering the market today, it may be quite awhile before a single artist's work is as universally recognized or loved... if ever.

'Drew: The Man Behind The Poster' takes an in depth look at the legacy of Drew's work using interviews with the artist and some of his greatest clients and movie subjects including Steven Spielberg, Michael J Fox, Harrison Ford, Frank Darabont, and Guillermo Del Toro. I rented it on iTunes and immediately wanted to flat out buy a hard copy to share with my students, friends, and family. Highly recommended. Check out his portfolio and reminisce!

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